Our Home Warranty Process

A home warranty plan from Australian Home Protect takes care of unexpected home repairs and their expenses. When a covered item breaks, here’s what you do:


Call us to
request service


We assign a local
repair specialist


Each visit you pay a
small service fee


Your covered item is
repaired or replaced

Other Benefits from Australian
Home Protect

Realtor’s Program

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Refer a Friend

Refer family and friends and get rewarded!
You both will receive a special gift from us.

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A Home Warranty Company You Can Count On

Our Plans To Protect Your Home

Australian Home Protect offers a variety of protection plans depending on your
needs. Choose what option works best for you and start building your quote.


Covers most major appliances and home systems including AC ductwork, electrical, plumbing, washers, dryers and much more!

Add ons available

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Covers most major appliances and home systems including AC ductwork, electrical, plumbing, washers, dryers and much more!

Costs less than purchasing the appliance and system plans seperately.


Covers repair and replacement of most major home systems including AC with ductwork, water heaters, plumbing, doorbells and more!

Add ons available.

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